What our clients say

Here’s what our clients say about us

We have been working with Maven Advisory for less than a month and the focus and energy they have brought to our business has been amazing. They have lots of experience and knowledge that can really help young directors like us to excel their business to the next level. We are confident that with Maven Advisory’s help we can grow our business and achieve our goals and vision.

I have worked with Maven Advisory to turn my business into a franchise system. They have shown great knowledge and support. Unlike many consultants with standard offerings that one is made to fit, Maven Advisory and I really worked together to create something that I feel ownership of and reflects the values of my business. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

This is what I found especially useful:

  • Simple and clear route map and review of what we have done
  • Re-visiting my objectives so I’m sure all our sessions align with them
  • Adding dates to my objectives and witnessing your assessment of what is possible by when
  • Going through my document core products to specify target markets.
  • The route map is clear and confidence-inspiring for me especially in conjunction with the objectives.

I have worked with Maven Advisory for the last 2 years and they have helped us to grow our business significantly. They have also been instrumental in assisting us in implementing our strategy for going forward over the course of the next 3-5 years.

Since we started working with Maven Advisory, it has given us more time for our work. We have then made more money from our work and had more fun in each and every working day!

Maven Advisory has helped me grow my existing business and launch my new business venture. By working with them, I have achieved a lot more, much quicker than I could have done on my own. Their ideas, support and network have been invaluable.

I admit to having been drawn quite deeply into the technical aspects of the business before meeting Maven Advisory (as I am a true technician at heart) and they have managed to focus my mind on what is important commercially and I am now seeing positive changes every day.

I genuinely am finding his business mentoring very useful indeed and would recommend him wholeheartedly to any business who wants to “refocus” and “grow”.

My Maven Advisory Advisor is a true business professional with the personal touch. She has encouraged me to get clear about what I want from my business and keeps me on track to achieve my ambitions. She helped me define my niche and grow my business by attracting more high value clients. I would thoroughly recommend her to any business that is contemplating on embarking on a business development programme.

My Maven Advisory Advisor came along when I needed her most; I was feeling de-motivated and needed to find some direction for my business. Maven Advisory programme has made me realise what I need to focus on and my Advisor has shown me how to do things I never considered. I am making good headway and can see how quickly I can grow my business.

My Maven Advisory Advisor has been amazing in helping my franchise system to develop. He is enthusiastic and supportive, dynamic and knowledgeable. Our sessions together produce an ‘action plan’ with clear goals and deadlines which ensure the business moves forward at a rapid pace. My advisor communicates clearly with frequent updates so I feel like I am always informed even if we do not see each other in person. He is a hard worker, with great connections and networks he can tap into. My Franchise has developed massively in the 2 months we have been working together.

Our Maven Advisory Advisor has great integrity and enjoys vast experience in the field of business. He’s a valuable support to both me and my business and has aided me in my understanding of business systems and processes and how they add value to my company. I enjoy the straight approach he offers and appreciate his commitment to us. He really cares about his clients and his relationships and will give 100% in everything that he does! I’d recommend a meeting with Maven Advisory if you’re thinking of growing your business to see if it’s the right fit for you – call them today!

We’ve been working with Maven Advisory on a regular basis for a number of months and have found their service extremely valuable. We use them as our sounding board, with them taking an external view to our company, giving us more clarity than our day-to-day operations allow us. Their industry expertise and no fuss approach, combined with an easy working relationship mean that they connect with as personalities as well as business owners, ensuring we get even better results.

I was referred to Maven Advisory from a business contact and we met up for a discussion of how he could help make my working life easier and help my business grow. I was immediately impressed with my advisor’s passion for business development and his enthusiasm towards what he does. I must confess that at first, I found it difficult to buy into the concept as I couldn’t see where the value added was, however once I opened up my “hard headed” mind a little and took the next step, I quickly began to share his vision and it wasn’t difficult at all to buy into his ideas and share the view of more working on the business rather than “in the business” as I was doing.

I am now finding that my advisor is great to work with and has a knack for identifying the requirement and pitching in just the right advice at the right time. I can be demanding and “excitable” when it comes to growing my own business and he has a great way of not letting my enthusiasm run away with things, and keeping the strategies focused and clear. Having worked alongside my Maven Advisory advisor for the last few months, I am seeing very definite results.

Had I not “grasped the nettle” I would still be in that same overworked and under-strategised state. I am even now much more focused on my personal and business objectives and with his help have managed to translate concepts that I hadn’t considered before, from the drawing board into achievable goals and long term strategies and objectives.